Pre 65 Scottish 2023 - ACU Western riders

Six riders from ACU Western entered the Pre 65 Scottish 2 Day Trial 2023, the annual prelude to the SSDT.

Simon and Matthew Welch, Ben and Amory Falconer, Ryan Eamer, and Merv Powell rode a wide variety of machines with a wide variety of results and all enjoyed a thoroughly entertaining half of a week in Kinlochleven.

Take a look at the results to see how they got on, and the video below which is mainly focused on ACU Western riders with a few others. Big thanks to the ACU Western supporters also up in the Highlands including observer Peter Collins, Doug Nolan, the Welch and Falconer families, Claire Tooth, Steve Venn, Neil Hannam and Murray and Debbie Smith who kept the riders going with sustenance, encouragement, and techincal and logistical support.