Western Centre Quiz for October 2006


This one starts out with what some say is a typical photo for this guy! (It wasn't me who said that Mike, it was him!) Here is the October Quiz

This month's quiz was sponsored by Haines and Co. of Cinderford. They kindly donated the prize of a pair of top notch Scott goggles

The Winner

Well that's the last time I'm taking Noah's advice on which gear to use. ----------- Sam Wilson.

Other good entries

A uni-cycle seemed a good idea after 5 pints ------ The Turner Family

Mike Gunn anxiously checks for any fresh wear on his recently purchased second hand Dunlop Trials Universal ------ Chris Gardiner

If I can find the back end as well, it will do for next week !!! ----- Ian Hannam

Mike's plan to supply all the observers with hot tea came unstuck when the kettle boiled prematurely! ------ Colin Jones