March 09 Quiz

The quiz is back! And with two pictures to tackle. Answers: Lorraine Turner correctly identfied Tom Welch in picture two and reckons he is saying: "Best avoid that puddle I have a hole in my wellington that side, and will be sure to dab". Well done Lorraine. The other pic was a bit of a toughie, so I will leave it another month.

Two pix for the more mature rider this time. For the first picture, who are all these characters? And where was it taken? And when? No prizes for this one but there is a "fine wine" on offer from the subject of the second picture - who is this fashionable gent? Where and when was it taken? Extra marks for a comic caption too.

All answers, fittingly, to, by April 1.

Anyone who has archive pictures of Western Centre riders, officials and events is welcome to send them in for publication as a quiz or just for old times' sake.quiz_mar08