August 2010 Competition

We have a winner for this month's caption competition. Shot taken at the Glos & Cots Awards ceremony by Eddie Hinckley. The prize for the best caption (Printable!) goes to Sam Wilson.

The judging panel adjudged The 'knowledge transfer helmet' testing program hits a snag..., the best (though it's not clear which way the knowledge was going!)

Sam was on a roll, coming up with 2 others: Ever wondered why the UK space cadet program never got off the ground? and The ability to interpret the judgements of the 'sorting hat' is not bestowed to mere Muggles. (Harry Potter reference).

David Morris came up with Never mind being deafened by the canon, are you sure we'll land in the net?

And Brett King came up with several rude ones!

Thanks to all for entering. Any pictures suitable for another competition would be gladly received...