Picture Quiz - Grass Track and Motocross greats

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Back in to the archives again and an unusual shot - two riders, same bike number! Who are they? Where was it taken, and when?

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ANSWERS: Goff Hannam, Philip Robbins and Graham Shill all identified both riders - multi-centre grass track champion John Husband, being followed by British motocross champion and national trial winner, Malcolm Davis. While Hubbo is tucked in to the bike like a true grasstracker, Malcolm's motocross style is unmistakeable - both rode with 67 plates in their respective sports. Hubbo worked at Malcolm's shop as did John Pye, who has the full story:

"Hubbo and Malcolm, Malcolm gave Hubbo one of his Bulto engines, but said he couldn't ride it, so the challenge was set, Hubbo to Malcolm: "Well You ride it!!". Malcolm: "Alright I Will". Hubbo On The BSA, MG On The Bulto. Arthur Liggit, Hubbo's father-in-law, eventually rode it. Good enjoyable days."

The photo was taken at an Abergavenny grass track in 1971, most probably by Trevor Hunt, whose photos appear in Dave Stallworthy's The Story of Grass Track racing