Calendar of events in neighbouring centres

This page lists events that can be found around our borders. If you want your club's events advertised here contact the Editor.

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1BSSA 1st Alan Brown Time Trial
8Wilts Border Kington Cup Trial
North Somerset Phillips Trophy Time Trial
15Wells Miller Cup Trial
Swindon Brian Freegard Trial, club champs
22Oxford Ixion MCC - Trial, Club champs round 2, Bletchingdon Scramble Track.
Mendip Vale Winterhead Trial
29Kingswood Avery Trial
5Wilts Border Border Cup Trial
BSSA 2nd Alan Brown Time Trial.
Gwent Schoolboy Trials Club Club Trial
12West Wilts James Cup
North Somerset Terry Bunn Trophy Time Trial
19Swindon Klindt Trophy
26Kingswood 1st Club Series Trial
4Wilts Border Salutation Novice Trial
11Oxford Ixion MCC - Trial Harold Avery Cup at Lower Ridings, Open.
North Somerset Wynnes Trophy Time Trial
18BSSA Reg Lewis Trial
BGRC Grasstrack
25Frome Wyndham Haines Trophy Trial
1Kingswood 2nd Club Series Trial
Gwent Schoolboy Trials Club Club Trial
6 (Good Friday)Oxford Ixion MCC Club Champs Rnd 3, Common Hill Clumps, Beckley.
8Mendip Vale Traders Trial
9 (Easter Monday)Frome Motocross
14 (Saturday)BSSA 3rd Alan Brown Time Trial
15Mercian Dirt Riders Enduro
22Oxford Ixion MCC - Rnd 4 Club Champs, Standlake
Swindon Corinium Enduro, Cirencester Park Results
North Somerset Jack Ball Trophy Time Trial
29Mendip Vale Phoenix Trial
BSSA Glenis Sinclair Memorial Time Trial
5 (Saturday)North Somerset Colin Stenner Time Trial
6Swindon Swindonian LDT
13Oxford Ixion MCC - Charity Trial, Standlake Wood
BSSA Tuck/Cross National Sidecar Trial
Mercian Dirt Riders Enduro
Gwent Schoolboy Trials Club Club Trial
16 (Wednesday)North Somerset Fowlers Trophy Time Trial
24 (Thursday)Swindon Hoult Cup Trial
26 (Saturday)North Somerset Weymouth Trophy Time Trial
27West Wilts Hare and Hounds Enduro
4 (Bank Holiday Monday)Oxford Ixion MCC - Rnd 5 Club Champs, Steeple Hill Corner, Beckley.
Kingswood Charity Trial
10BSSA 4th Alan Brown Time Trial
Swindon Layton Trophy Trial
Mercian Dirt Riders Enduro
24Wells Lawford Time Trial
30 (Saturday)Kingswood 2 Day Trial
1Kingswood 2 Day Trial
Gwent Schoolboy Trials Club Club Trial
7 (Saturday)North Somerset Valley Smokehouse 2 Day Time Trial
8North Somerset Valley Smokehouse 2 Day Time Trial
Mercian Dirt Riders Enduro
15Oxford Ixion MCC Summer Trial, Standlake Woods. CANCELLED
Swindon Members Cup Trial
18 (Wednesday)North Somerset Blackman Trophy Time Trial
5Kingswood Enduro
Frome Ted Cox Trophy Trial
9 (Thursday)Swindon Maslin Trophy Trial
11 (Saturday)North Somerset Tattootime Trophy Time Trial
26Mercian Dirt Riders Enduro
2North Somerset RT Keedwell Transport Time Trial
BGRC Ken Melksham Trophy Grasstrack
9Oxford Ixion MCC - Ivan Davis Cup, Youth Rnd, Cox's Farm, Beckley
Swindon Foxwell Enduro, Cirencester Park
Frome Ron Jeffries Trial
14 (Friday)Farleigh Castle MXC MXDN
15 (Saturday)Farleigh Castle MXC MXDN
16Farleigh Castle MXC MXDN
BSSA Brian Hudson Memorial Time Trial
23North Somerset Ivan Manning Trophy Time Trial
30Kingswood Hawkesbury Trial
West Wilts Hare and Hounds Enduro
Gwent Schoolboy Trials Club Club Trial
7Wilts Border Endeavor Trial
Wells Presidents Time Trial
14Oxford Ixion MCC - James Cup, Expert Round, Lower Riding
West Wilts Errington Cup Trial
BSSA 5th Alan Brown Time Trial
Mercian Dirt Riders Enduro
21North Somerset Gordon Brown Chase Time Trial
Swindon Jack Croston Trial
Mendip Vale Brockley Cup Trial
28Kingswood 3rd Club Series Trial
3 (Saturday)Bath Peace Trophy Trial
4BSSA 6th Alan Brown Time Trial
Wilts Border Autumn Trophy Trial
10 (Saturday)Oxford Ixion MCC - Norton Trophy, Pre 65, Cox's Farm, Beckley
25North Somerset Presidents Trophy Trial
2Frome Selwood Novice & Bradley Cup Trial
Wells Mike Cornish Time Trial
9Bath Knut Trophy Trial
Gwent Schoolboy Trials Club Club Trial
15 (Saturday)Mendip Vale Turkey Team Trial
16North Somerset Richard Sage Electrial Time Trial
27 (Thursday)BSSA Phil Sparkes Trial
30Kingswood 4th Club Series Trial
Oxford Ixion MCC - Round 1 2013 Club champs, Common Hill Clumps, Beckley